10 Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon (Under 3$)

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Handheld Tomato Round Slicer : http://a.co/fLCe5Rr

Kiwi Cutter Peeler Slicer : http://a.co/2iwWHO4

Foldable Funnel : http://a.co/iaDRhW4

Cyclone Barbecue Sausage Cutter : http://a.co/37nYgYc

Silicone Garlic Peeler : http://a.co/aF2yEsF

Avocado Slicer Peeler Cutter : http://a.co/iIsTSGd

Lemon Sprayer : http://a.co/1WfQOpu

Egg White Separator : http://a.co/9LwQLYB

Cake Pie Slicer : http://a.co/aRFys8x

One-step Corn Kerneler : http://a.co/cIgfdLf

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