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Five amazing gadgets every pet owner must have. For both cats and dogs.


Felcana: https://goo.gl/KOE2G9
BarkBath: https://goo.gl/9Zr4w0
The Cat Mod: https://goo.gl/8GouCe
iFetch: https://goo.gl/RX4OiQ
Groomo: https://goo.gl/ov7OVD


1. Felcana: The first smart cat & dog health monitor. Listen to your pet. Connect with them. Understand your cat & dog’s health. Felcana – a health ecosystem invented by vets & engineers.
2. BarkBath: Portable Dog Bath System. A faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your dog anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess.
3. The Cat Mod: Modular Climbing Systems. Our modular design offers limitless freedom to create the perfect custom space for your cat. Although our Kickstarter has ended, we encourage you to subscribe to the email list bellow to get notified as soon as we officially release it on our site.
4. iFetch: The Ball Launcher for Dogs. iFetch is the perfect toy for any small or medium size dog. It’s an interactive, on-demand ball launcher. Dogs and people love it!
5. Oppo Groomo: Smart Looking Cat Brush. The Oppo Groomo utilizes the same concept and technology, combining a smart-looking brush with a roll of tape. In other words, as you comb and stroke your cat, the excess hair is collected on the tape, meaning you don’t have to spend time after a grooming session extracting annoying bits of fur from your hands or brush.

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